We are thrilled to announce that the Hon. Dwight E. Jefferson is now Of Counsel with our firm. A retired state district court judge, Judge Jefferson has over 30 years of litigation experience. Learn more on our About page.

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In a $4 million dollar case involving ownership of a former CEO’s shares, Mr. McZeal challenges whether a Defendant can toll the mandatory deadlines of the TCPA when the Defendant unsuccessfully seeks removal to federal court.
Mr. McZeal represents a client that seeks to overturn an $8 million dollar adverse summary judgment when the notice of the summary judgment hearing was not sent to client in violation of his due process rights.

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At Grealish McZeal, we are committed to helping clients in the Houston metro area and Hyde Park, Massachusetts (by appointment only), with all their commercial litigation needs. Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience, guiding individuals toward positive resolutions in real estate, business, and oil and gas legal matters. As an associate municipal court judge for Harris County, attorney Marcellous McZeal brings a unique perspective to every case he represents. Our attorneys are passionate about helping you meet your legal goals with the results-driven advocacy you deserve.
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Our legal team provides individualized attention to each client we serve. We take great pride in our relationships with our clients and value their success. We understand that a satisfied and successful client will likely be a client for life. At Grealish McZeal, our experienced lawyers take the time to understand your legal issues and objectives and develop a plan to achieve your goals. Call (713) 454-7903 to learn more.

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We have established a reputation for success in our communities by delivering high-caliber legal guidance that is results-driven and client-focused. Whatever your commercial litigation needs are, our attorneys are ready to help. When you work with us, we are invested in your success.
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